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Local Sounds Review of BARLAND

CHANNEL3000 Robert J. ARTICLE by Doug Moe - September 2021
Local Sounds Magazine - ROBERT J. FAREWELL SHOW - September 2021
Robert J. Family Benefit for his son Jacy.
Review - Moors Magazine - The Netherlands
The Dailypage - The MAMAs 2008
The Isthmus article by Rich Albertoni. Wisconsin State Journal Review by Kevin Lynch - March 2008 Robert J., 'A Beautiful Blur' ****(4 Stars) 'The Revenge of the Rowdy Prairie Dogs' ***(3 Stars) (PopBomb Records) Time for this long-suffering Madison troubadour to get his musical due. Much has been written recently about his heart attack, but sympathy doesn't pay the bills. Amazingly Robert J. released two excellent album projects amid his struggle. 'A Beautiful Blur' is a marvelous thing to behold, a testament to a man who won't let anything steal his lust for life. First one must say, if Bob Dylan had a good voice that was still his, he might be Robert J. Robert J. has the fuzzy, intimate quality that's Dylan's most appealing trait. But Robert doesn't wine, pout or condescend, and he stays on pitch. True, he's not that caliber of artist. Robert J. lacks Dylan's genius for monumental anger, for one thing. But he takes you for a fine ride down his own dusty road. There's also a trace of Tom Waits' loose-limbed phrasing, but he never loses the sharp groove. He's a guy you'd like to hang with and recollect the 'beautiful blur' of life with an embracing grin. Sure it's an aging hippie sensibility. But he wants us to appreciate bygone madness, folly and fear, sadness and ecstasy. Thanks Robert J., I needed that, all of it. On 'Rebel Domino' he and his band get hot-footin' at a wonderful clip that feels like the Allman Brothers with guitarist Dicky Betts in his prime. Robert J's gifted picker is Tom Dehlinger. You can't beat that heart-skipping groove. 'Room With A View' is another delightful mood booster. Such a room, 'without you,' lets him see it all more clearly. It's a mental viewpoint more than a pretty view, a great philosophical sigh for healing love wounds. Most of the kudos for 'A Beautiful Blur' could apply to 'Revenge of the Rowdy Prairie Dogs.' It's a less personal and moving statement, because you don't sense as much of his indomitable spirit. But turn it on and don't worry about a thing for the rest of the hour. It opens with another version of 'Rebel domino' that's more hard-rocking and more countrified, which is the big difference throughout between the two albums. Either way, Robert J. has mustered two of the best discs you'll hear by a Madison artist this year. He should've had a handful of Top 40 hits by now. Better late than ever? Formulaic radio programming may deny him. But call up your favorite rock, country or folk station and request him. And be glad you know and probably love one of Madison's own beautiful survivors. - Kevin Lynch
The Wisconsin State Journal feature story by Gayle Worland.
Madison Magazine Article by Katie Vaughn ' January 2008 Rocking On Nothing, it seems, can stop Robert J. Conaway from making music. For a year, the Madison musical fixture- known to fans simply as 'Robert J.' 'had been writing, recording and producing songs for two CDs. He planned to release them in November and follow up with a celebratory party the next month. Plans changed slightly when Robert J. had a heart attack while racking leaves this past fall. He received emergency surgery and doctor's orders to take it easy. While he had to postpone his release bash, the musician is healing and his two new CDs hit stores November 20 as scheduled. A Beautiful Blur is a collection of solid and catchy rock tunes. Robert J. wrote all the songs, but the title track is particularly personal to him. ' It's basically my definition of life and the lives of my friends,' he says. The second disc, The Revenge of the Rowdy Prairie Dogs, combines Robert J.'s rock sensibilities with country and Americana styles. 'It's still irreverent with a little bit of twang,' he says. Robert J. says he looks forward to promoting the CDs, returning to the stage for live performances and drawing on his recent experiences in making new music. 'I will continue to create,' he says. 'And I will be a little more fearless." Front page article in The Capital Times by Doug Moe, November 28,2007. MUSICIAN GETS SECOND CHANCE AT LIFE!